3 Best Pandora Playlists for Working Out

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions – a magical time when fitness & health kick products line the walls of Walmart – I’ve decided to focus my new post accordingly. With every exercise comes the need for some motivational and inspirational music to just. keep. going. If you’re like me and don’t have the patience to sit down and update your music on your iPod or iPhone, you probably resort to apps like Pandora to pick the music for you.

The problem is, you can’t just pick any old station otherwise you will be distracted from your workout by pressing next until you hit your limit of “nexts,” and then you’re stuck with some crappy song like I Am A God by Kanye West (or any other song of his for that matter). How exhausting… (click here to see Kanye compare his entertaining career to being a police officer or soldier in war)

SO, after many trials and errors, I have narrowed my workout sound-tracks down to 4 Pandora stations. These are my go-to stations depending on my mood and activity.

1. Candy Shop by 50 Cent. –> You get a little bit more old-school songs to remind you of the old school YOU. What’s better motivation than remembering the swag you used to have…


You’ll find songs like: Baby Got Back. (because let’s face it, that’s the problem & this is just a friendly reminder)

2. My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas –> Keeps you focused on the humps you get to keep while working off the ones you don’t.


You’ll find songs like: Just Dance. (Even though we don’t like Lady Gaga because she might be the anti-christ, her songs usually have a good beat)

3. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. –>What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… focus on that before you turn down the speed on your treadmill.


You’ll find songs like: Party in the USA by Miley before she turned (in)famous with her twerking obsession. Twerk… that word just feels dirty to say. Maybe that’s why her tongue’s always hanging out of her mouth.


“Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it.” -Alan Thicke

Or, people like me, consciously avoid it.


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