10 Ways Pinterest Can Change Your Life

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 7.14.35 PMTM

I recently hit my record high of 5,000 pins on my personal Pinterest boards. That feels good. What feels even better is thinking about all the things that have changed & almost changed in my life because of this beautiful website.

Here’s what Pinterest has done for me:

1. I’ve become a crafty Interior Designer, Gourmet Chef, Fashion Designer & Photographer. 

In Pinterest-land, you can be anything you re-pin. Unless you don’t have the money, time, or skill to do so, you can atleast see what it would be like if you did. You can also start a lot of projects that you never finish or don’t work. Every once in awhile I get lucky, though!


2. I am an online shopping addict.

With every new season, there is a completely new wardrobe to acquire. Fall boots, Christmas sweaters, spring-y tank tops and all kinds of risqué summer attire. (Unless you live in Minnesota, then all you need is sweats, Uggs, and a bikini.) This is also where I met Etsy.com.

3. I’ve tried hundreds of new beauty tricks that usually don’t turn out like the picture.

One day we’ll be able to photoshop our faces and bodies in real life. Finally, we’ll be able to look like magazine models!

4. I’m full of health-nut ideas and goals.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Whether I’ve actually carried out ANY of these ground-breaking, life-changing, body-blasting ideas or not, at least I know what to do if I ever become disciplined enough. Maybe tomorrow.

5. No more pesky therapy sessions.

Come to Pinterest if you ever need a metaphoric shoulder to cry on, some good old fashioned advice, and/or inspirational quotes to make you want to save the world.

6. I’ve planned my own wedding, and about eleven other fantasy weddings.

IMG_0158 IMG_9410

I wouldn’t have had half as many good ideas as I did for my own wedding if it weren’t for Pinterest. The problem, though, is that the ideas never stop coming, even when your wedding is done and over with. Dang it, I should have had white horses, doves, chinese lanterns, on a mountain, in a church, by the ocean, in Italy, in a poofy, lacy, silky, short, edgy, classic, Bella Swan dress. Click here to see more of my wedding pictures on Pinterest.

7. I have 213 imaginary tattoos.

It’s a lot easier to commit to tattoos by re-pinning them, than to have them permanently etched on your body… click here to check them out.

8. I have intimate, unspoken friendships with people that re-pin the same things as me.

Take a look at someone’s Pinterest boards & you can practically see into their soul. You can see their dreams, interests, passions, sense of humor… its endless. So when you find yourself pinning the same things with those select few people, you have a bond of steel, that probably will never be talked about, but you both know its there.

9. I have an even longer list of future pets, than before.

That baby elephant having a temper tantrum is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. This guy had a lion as a pet. There are so many different combinations of dog breeds out there, and pink dolphins. Damn those animal protection laws that keep me from having them all!

10. I have mentally named, clothed, and photographed my unborn future children.

Photo: Paislee Marie Greene

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 7.46.42 PM

Children are no longer thought of as sticky, noisy little life consumers, and they become the most beautiful, precious, sweet morsels of life (Not that they aren’t). I have to remind myself how much I like sleep in order to avoid impulsive decisions. (I mean, look at that face!)  Click here if you want to see some more cute kids & stuff.


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